MunchiesNFT is Reclaiming the NFT Space & Bringing it Back to Artists!

How is MunchiesNFT Reclaiming the Space?

MunchiesNFT Art Collection

A Community-Centered Roadmap



Post Sale:

  • Rarity Tools and Rarity Sniper
  • Community DAO that gives holders access to fractional ownership of blue-chip NFTs like BAYC, Veefriends, Kongs, etc.
  • Centralizing information from various communities so our members can benefit from crypto and NFT projects before they explode.
  • The DAO will be funded from 40% of the mint sales and also secondary sales.
  • Building a launchpad to help other artists create their own collectibles, we will become a strategic partner providing know-how and funding.
  • Allowing holders access to early gaming cryptos before IDO.
  • Building up a marketplace to offer member services
    Striking deals with businesses to offer our members exclusive deals.
  • (MOONSHOT) Working on a restaurant complex in the metaverse people can come to gather, eat food and socialize.

Artists Supporting Artists

Kandinsky Inspired Art Piece

Taking Care of Its Own




7,000 Trippy Art On A Plate Inspired By 50+ Artists Past And Present

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7,000 Trippy Art On A Plate Inspired By 50+ Artists Past And Present

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